Administration and Finance

The Shire of Victoria Plains offers a wide range of services to its residents from general enquiries, rates, dog registrations, vehicle licensing, drivers licenses, library, building, planning, works.

Bendigo Bank also have an agency within the Shire office.

Ratepayers and residents can pay all accounts by EFTPOS, credit cards, cheques or cash. For general enquires about:

  • Rates
  • Services
  • Policies and Documents
  • Local Laws
  • Statistics
  • General Enquiries

Contact the Shire

Shire Contact Details
Phone: (08) 9628 7004
Fax: (08) 9628 7008

Chief Executive Officer

Glenda Teede

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management of all Shire business and personnel. She is responsible for the implementation of all Council decisions.

Corporate Services Manager

Jeremy Clapham

The Corporate Services Manager is responsible for the management of financial and accounting functions of the Shire in accordance with statutory requirements and Council policy and provide assistance to the Chief Executive Officer in the management of the Shire.

Contact Details
For reception and general enquiries
CEO (Glenda Teede)
Corporate Services Manager (Jeremy Clapham)