Extraordinary Election - 18 March 2017


Central Ward - 1 Vacancy - 4 year term - Vacant



The people who stand for Council are as varied as the reasons which motivate them. In WA there are over 1,300 elected members who come from a wide range of backgrounds and who have vastly differing qualifications and life experiences. The decision to stand for Council is a very personal one. To be an effective Councillor you will need to be willing to represent the views of the whole community, you should be interested in your local community, be able to facilitate communication between the community and the Council and participate in the decision making processes at meetings. Meeting fees and some expenses are paid.

Calling for nominations

If you are passionate about your community, enjoy working with people and want to make a real difference, you can stand for local government election.

Nominations open

Nominations opened at 8.30am on 2 February 2017.

Where to Nominate

Shire of Victoria Plains Administration Centre, 28 Cavell Street Calingiri.

Who can Nominate

Any person who is an Australian Citizen over the age of 18 years who is an elector of the district and is not disqualified under the Local Government Act 1995 may nominate for council. It is not a requirement that a candidate lives or owns property in the ward for which they nominate.

What is Required

Nominations must be on a prescribed form that is available from the Shire Administration Centre. An $80 (CASH) nomination deposit is required as well as a profile of the candidate consisting of no more than 150 words on an A4 sheet. You can include a passport-sized photo if you wish. If unable to personally attend to nominate, an authorised agent can do this on your behalf.

More Information

A nomination pack is available from the Returning Officer - Glenda Teede  

Ph: 9628 7004 Fax: 9628 7008 - Email: ceo@victoriaplains.wa.gov.au

Nominations Close

Nominations close at 4.00pm sharp on Thursday 9th February 2017.



(Ordinary) Election Information

The Shire of Victoria Plains hold local government elections Bi-Annually.  The next election will be held on 17th October 2017.



Polling places are open 8am - 6pm or electors can do a postal vote or an early vote prior to the 17th October.

Please contact the Shire Administration on 9628 7004 for further information.

Nominating to become a Councillor

If you are passionate about your community, enjoy working with people and want to make a real difference, you can stand for local government election.  Councillors and Staff

To find out about nominating and running for a position as a Shire Councillor, read "Standing for Council: Information for Candidates" by the Department of Local Government or contact the Shire of Victoria Plains on 9628 7004 or reception@victoriaplains.wa.gov.au


The Western Australian Electoral Commission website has information about local government elections and enrolling to vote.

More information

More information about elections will be provided on this website, in the Shire and Community newsletter and in the West Australian newspaper as election time draws nearer.

Glenda Teede - Chief Executive Officer