Local Government Elections

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 September 2017 at 10:07:03 AM

The Shire of Victoria Plains Council will be looking to fill two positions at the Local Government Ordinary Elections on 21 October 2017.

 “Local Government Elections are the best way to get your voice heard” said Shire President David Lovelock.

The following individuals are candidates for the Central Ward, with one seat vacant: 

Pamela Evans

David Smith

Jaymie King

There are two candidates for the West Ward with one seat vacant: 

David Lovelock

Jim Kelly

The following South Ward candidate has been elected unopposed:

Stephanie Penn

Councillors are elected for terms of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the Council, and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system. 

This year’s election will be conducted by the WAEC and will be via postal vote. Postal vote information be sent out by the WAEC from 22 September 2017.

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