Victoria Plains Community Newsletter - September 2020

FROM THE CHAMBERS Shire Presidents Report … August saw the second successful video recording of a Council Meeting at the Shire of Victoria Plains. I encourage those interested in Council decisions to view the videos, providing you a greater insight into the debate, officer research & decision of Council. • Visit the Shire website • Go to the Council agenda & minutes tab • Scroll down to & select ‘ view all past Council Meetings ’ • Select the relevant year & month • Once you open the video, you can choose to download it via the three dots on the right - hand side. This will allow you to scroll through to sections which are of interest to you. September Ordinary Council Meeting – section times. Part 1 4:12 7.1 Confirmation of Council Meeting Minutes (OCM 22 nd July) 12:14 8.1 Accounts for endorsement July 2020 20:30 8.2 Monthly Financial Statements July 2020 30:15 8.3 SOVP Update on the Response to the COVID19 Pandemic 34:15 8.4 Proposed amendment No. 2 SOVP Local Planning Scheme No 5 (Omnibus) Part 2 0:00 8.5 Local Government Review Panel Final Report – Review of the Local Government Act 12:15 11 Confidential Items, including the CEO performance Appraisal Review. The entire meeting is recorded for public viewing, except confidential items. The resolutions Council adopts during confidential session are recorded in the Minutes for public information. Within item 8.4, Council was presented with the submissions made regarding the proposed amendment to the Local Planning Scheme. Seven submissions were received from public authorities and twelve from members of the community. A full list of the submissions is available within the public attachments page 96 - 136, via the Shire ’ s website & in the same location as the video recording mentioned above. Next to each submission, the Shire ’ s Planner has provided comment for Council. The Planner has subsequently suggested 3 modifications to the proposed amendment & Council resolved to support those modifications and authorised the Shire to submit the Scheme Amendment proposal to the WA Planning Commission & Minister for Planning for final approval. Through the unanimous resolution of confidential item 11.2, Council noted the CEO ’ s performance review was undertaken, confirmed the satisfactory performance of the CEO & adopted the performance objectives for 20 - 21 period. The public will see reporting on such performance objectives over the next 12 months. On a personal note, a thank you to the Ambulance Volunteers that serve our district. I took my first ambulance trip a few days ago. Volunteers got out of bed at 2.30am and drove me to Perth, after the RFD was fully booked. Our lives would certainly be worse off without such wonderful volunteers. Our local Victoria Plains St John Ambulance Sub Centre is currently fundraising to upgrade the cardiac monitors in their 2 ambulances, a cost of $30,000 per installation. If you ’ re able, please join me in making a personal donation. You never know when you may need their help. Contact Cr. Pauline Bantock Shire President