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Organisational Planning

The Shire of Victoria Plains has in place key documents that set the direction for the Shire regarding how it provides for the needs of the current and future generations. In particular, it must have the following integrated planning and reporting documents:

  •  A strategic community plan;
  • A corporate business plan;
  • A long term financial plan;
  • An asset management plan; and
  • A workforce plan.


It must also have a disability and access inclusion plan (DAIP) in place and undertake a Local Heritage Survey.

Document Centre Results
Disability Access Inclusion Plan 2015-2020 (11/06/2015) Organisational Planning
Age Friendly Community Plan (30/06/2016) Organisational Planning
Corporate Business Plan 2019-2023 (13/08/2019) Organisational Planning
Strategic Resource Plan 2019-2024 (13/08/2019) Organisational Planning
Workforce Plan 2019-2022 (13/08/2019) Organisational Planning
Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032 (11/08/2022) Organisational Planning