eRates Notice

Published on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 at 1:42:30 PM

The Shire is about to embark on a campaign to gauge interest and feasibility of emailing future Land Rate Notices to ratepayers. Currently this can only be done by a rate payer submission provided to the Shire in writing but will now be extended through the link on this page to register electronically. Essential criteria to note here is that the email address provided will be the rate payer’s official method of all future contact by the Shire to the resident regarding rate notices, which means there can only be one email address per Owner / Owner Occupier.

However due to system limitations, this can only be implemented for the original rate notice and interim rates which means e-rate notices will primarily go live for the 2023/24 Rate Notice should there be sufficient take up. The Shire would like to encourage ratepayers to be early adopters in the process in order to establish a strong database -  so please follow the link and provide the required information so we can implement a much more efficient and environmentally friendly process.

eRates Sign Up Form

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