Piawaning Stand Pipe Update

Published on Thursday, 16 December 2021 at 12:28:16 PM

The Shire of Victoria Plains thanks the Piawaning Community for providing feedback at the Piawaning water supply meeting held on the 11th Oct 2021.

The major overhaul/maintenance of the desalination plant has been completed and installation of the swipe card access system has been finalised. The Shire administration has taken on board the feedback received from the Community and will undertake a six month trial of the swipe card system, allowing accurate collection of water usage data. During this trial period, no charges will be administered. A application form is attached, detailing the terms & conditions for swipe card access.

The Shire will continue to investigate the various elements & management options of the water supply system. Council will be involved in the strategic planning of the system following the six month trial period.

SoVP - Standpipe Access Application

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