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Would you like to receive the Shire Newsletter via email? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? We are always looking at ways to make our newsletter more informative and more enjoyable for our community. This includes going digital for those who want it. Please email your suggestions to

The Shire of Victoria Plains produces a monthly Shire and Community Newsletter.

Submissions for the newsletter are due by 4.00pm on the last Friday of each month.

All submissions should be forwarded by email to or by fax to (08) 9628 7008.

Small Business

As part of the Shire's commitment to help local small business operators and the VP Business Builders Network, the Shire is offering:

  • a full page advert for the discounted rate of $22 (normally $33)
  • 1 free "Business Spotlight" feature for your business in the newsletter.

(These offers are for small businesses in the Shire of Victoria Plains only)

For enquires regarding costs to advertise or submission of your information please phone the Shire on (08) 9628 7004.

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