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Shire of Victoria Plains




In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995

Act s. 5.25(1)(g) and Local Government

(Administration) Regulations 1996 r. 12(2) it is

hereby advised for public information that the

meeting scheduled for Wednesday 20 April 2016 to

be held in Calingiri has been changed by Council

Resolution 32/2016 and will now be held at the

Bolgart Hall, George Street Bolgart commencing at


H E (Harry) Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

Maintenance Grading West of the Shire

To allow gravel roads in all areas of the shire to be

graded 3 times per year, the area west of Great

Northern Highway is put out to tender for contractors to

do. This allows shire staff to concentrate on the eastern

part of the shire. The contract for the west of the shire

was due for renewal and Muchea Grading Contractors

were the successful tender.

Bolgart East Road

Work has also commenced on the Upgrade of the

Bolgart East Road to widen the seal to a full 7 metres.

This work will also include fixing the drainage issues at

the corner of Smith Street, Macpherson Street and

Bolgart East Road to stop water flooding houses in

Macpherson and Nicholas Streets. With the big work

load that our crew have to deal with this year

contractors were also engaged to complete this work

which is funded by the federal governments Roads to

Recovery program.

Football Club Pavilion Lease

Council at its March meeting endorsed the signing of a

lease to the Calingiri Football Club of the pavilion at the

Calingiri Sportsground. The lease commencing at

$2,000 per annum formalises arrangements giving the

club control of the pavilion however they have the

power to sub lease it out to other community

organisations or individuals for functions. The oval

remains a public space maintained by the Shire for the

enjoyment of all residents.

Planning Approval for Oversized Shed

Planning approval was granted by Council for an

oversize shed to be built in Smith Street Bolgart. The

large shed is required to safely store the occupiers Bus,

caravan and trailers out of sight and will make the block

a lot neater. The shed will be at the rear of the block

and not easily visible from the street.

Naming of New Norcia Road

Council endorsed the naming of the current portion of

the Great Northern Highway which is to be replaced by

the new bypass and handed back to the Shire of

Victoria Plains to be maintained as a local road “New

Norcia Road”. Responsibility for naming the road was

given to the Benedictine Community as the road runs

through their town. Council noted while endorsing the

name that when the road is handed back to the Shire

that it must be repaired to Main Roads Standards

before it will be accepted.

Community Grants For Bolgart and Gillingarra

Council agreed to deviate from the policy on community

grants by allowing the Gillingarra Sport and Recreation

Club to be paid their 2014/2015 grant funding for the

patio that was erected on their hall even though it was

completed late. Community grants under Council policy

must be spent in the year they are approved and

cannot be rolled forward however the Bolgart Progress

Association was given permission to carry their

2015/2016 grant forward as the land needed to

complete the relocation of the tourism information bay

into the town centre has not been released by State

Land Services meaning the project through no fault of

the association could not be completed this year.

Suicide Prevention Training Grants

Council endorsed a suggestion from Cr Penn that the

Shire apply for a Suicide Prevention Grant in the

current funding round to train school teachers,

Ambulance officers and other interested persons in

suicide prevention. Suicide is a major problem in some

rural communities and to have people based in our

community who are trained to deal with this if it arises

will be a good resource to have on hand.