Youth Friendly Communities:

VP Open Doors Youth Project

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The Shire of Victoria Plains is seeking information and feedback from young people aged 12 to 25 years to identify how Victoria Plains communities can be more ‘youth-friendly’.

 For example, do young people feel they are welcomed, respected, included and considered in all aspects of their community including places, community groups, services etc.?  

If not what needs to be improved or could be improved?  

What do the young people think the Shire and/or key stakeholders could do in response to this (such as ideas, initiatives, projects etc.)?

Project Aim: The project will ask youth how they think the Victoria Plains community could be a better place and provide a better experience for young people exploring a range of themes which may include,

  1. Education, training & employment
  2. Community support & health services
  3. Leisure, recreation & social life
  4. Transport & housing
  5. Public spaces, building & natural environment
  6. Communication & information
  7. Civic participation & volunteering
  8. Respect & inclusion


Youth Engagement Activities: The Shire is partnering with the schools, numerous stakeholders and community groups to deliver youth engagement activities from May through to July.

  • The Shire of Victoria Plains is seeking young people aged 12 to 25 years to be a willing youth (community) champions to support the project and provide useful input into engaging local youth and delivering creative engagement activities.
  • The Shire of Victoria Plains is seeking the support of parents, guardians and the community in encouraging youth engagement and their input within the project activities
  • The engagement activities, which will run for a 1-2 hour period and designed to be appealing and appropriate to young people.
  • The diverse target group will be encouraged to share their individual thoughts and ideas as well as seek agreement on priority areas.
  • The activities in the workshops are thought-provoking; promote interaction; encourage problem solving and support innovative thinking.
  • A Online Youth Survey will also be available during July 2016 for young people to complete
  • A report of the findings and recommendations will be provided to Shire and once approved will also be available to the public for their reference and consideration.  

 The VP Open Doors Youth Project is funded through the Shire’s successful application to the ‘Department of Local Government and Communities (WA) ’Youth Friendly Communities’ program.

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Jodie Mortadza 0429 050 469