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Strategic Planning

The Shire of Victoria Plains has in place key documents that set the direction for the Shire regarding how it provides for the needs of the current and future generations. In particular, it must have the following integrated planning and reporting documents:

  • A strategic community plan;
  • A corporate business plan;
  • A long term financial plan;
  • An asset management plan; and
  • A workforce plan.

It must also have a disability and access inclusion plan (DIAP) in place and undertake a Local Heritage Survey.

Major Projects, Renewals and Refurbishments

Bolgart Caravan Park Amenities

The amenities at the Bolgart Caravan Park have outlived their useful life and need replacement. This project will deliver a new facility at a cost of $221,000 that includes appropriate toilet, showing and laundry facilities as well as an improved experience to its surrounds re new lawned area and a repurposed BBQ area.

This project is 100% funded through the Local Road and Community Infrastructure Fund

Calingiri New Norcia Road and Toodyay Bindi Bindi Road Intersection Realignment

This project will not only allow for an improved and safe access from the Calingiri New Norcia Road onto the Toodyay Bindi Bindi Road, but will also provide a parcel of land for the upgrade of the CBH Grain Receival site at Calingiri.

Funding for this project is provided by Main Roads WA, CBH and the Shire of Victoria Plains.

E-Waste Transfer Stations

As part of the Shire’s commitment to a cleaner and greener environment, the Shire will be building three fit for purpose E-waste transfer stations, one for each of the landfills at Bolgart, Calingiri and Mogumber.

These transfer stations will be built at a cost of $246,260. The Shire was successful in receiving a State E-Waste grant of $236,000 to make this project happen in 23/24.

(Image is for display purposes only and not indicative of the final concept to be developed)

Mogumber Public Hall - Roof

The Mogumber Hall was constructed in 1959 and is the social centre of the Mogumber Community. The Hall is run by the Mogumber Progress Association and maintained by the Shire of Victoria Plains.

The Hall roof was damaged by significant hail from two years ago. To address the damage to the roof, this will need to be assessed and if necessary replaced, which will be undertaken in 23/24 at a budgeted cost of $120,000.

Mogumber Yarawindah Road Upgrade - WSFN

The scope of the Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network (WSFN) Program is to upgrade local roads that play a key role in the movement of primarily agricultural freight in the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia.  Agricultural and primary industry products transported along the road network from producer to strategic receival point/port includes grain, livestock, oilseed, seafood, dairy, wool, horticulture, and mineral sands.  The Secondary Freight Network in the Wheatbelt region comprises some 4,400km of Local Government roads.

The Program is based on a corridor approach to be delivered on an annual rolling program until the identified routes within the network are upgraded.

Along key freight routes within the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia the outcomes being sought from the WSFN are to:

  • improve road infrastructure assets suitable to accommodate increased heavy vehicle numbers.
  • increase freight efficiency and productivity.
  • reduce vehicle operating costs and
  • improve road safety.

For 23/24, on the Mogumber Yarawindah Road it is planned to undertake pavement reconstruction and widen seal to 8m from SLK 5.60 – SLK 13.94 at a cost of $3,702,578. These works are expected to be completed by mid-November 2023.

This multi million dollar project is funded by the WSFN, the Roads to Recovery Program and the Shire (6.7%).

Piawaning Reverse Osmosis Plant Upgrade

The Piawaning Reverse Osmosis Plant has reached the end of its useful life. The quality of the current water source has diminished significantly and can no longer effectively filtrate the increased levels of iron oxide.


As a result, the project will see a new bore located just to the north of the Piawaning townsite, in Shire controlled land. A new reverse osmosis plant with remote monitoring will also be installed at the bore site. The current specifications for the new bore are:


  • 50 mts total depth.
  • Static water level at 0.5 meter
  • 30 meters 150mm screen
  • Production at 25 – 35 l/m
  • Quality of 320ppm tds
  • Solar powered pump.


The project is expected to cost $127,428. The Shire was successful in receiving grant funding of $89,000 under the Community Water Supply Program from the Department of Water. It is expected that this project will be completed during November 2023.  


Toodyay Bindi Bindi Road - RRG


Toodyay – Bindi Bindi Road is a part of a regional network that joins Toodyay with Great Northern Highway at Bindi Bindi and is an important north-south heavy haulage route. It provides access for agricultural produce and mining requirements and is also a heavy haulage route for a strategic grain receival point at Calingiri. The road is extensively used by stock carriers in preference to the highway to minimise bruising and stress on stock. This road is a connector route to four towns within the municipality as well as a part of a tourist route from Toodyay, Calingiri, and New Norcia. Toodyay - Bindi Bindi Road in Toodyay Shire is a RAV 4 (conditional), while in Moora and Victoria Plains Shires it is a RAV 5 road.


Increasing volumes of heavy vehicle combinations require improvements to the standard of this road, sufficient to handle long vehicles and the balance of heavy and tourist vehicles along the straight sections of the road. Curves and bends need widening. Weak pavement, high pavement roughness and poor drainage have been identified in sections of this road ad in-situ repairs to the failures are necessary.


Upgrade this road through both town sites to Type 6 sealed road (8-9m seal width). Reinstate existing failures through effected areas, improve drainage. Improve traffic safety by increasing seal and shoulder widths at curves and bends, and selectively improve road geometry. Improve ride comfort level by upgrading the road surfaces with a high pavement roughness. 

For 2023/24, it is planned to undertake pavement reconstruction works, widen formation to 10m and widen seal to 8m on the north section from SLK 4.30 – 8.10 at a cost of $837,901 and then reseal SLK 8.40 – 10.75 at a cost of $86,013.

This multi million dollar project is funded by both Main Roads WA through Regional Road Group Funding (2/3) and the Shire (1/3).