Emergency Services

In the event of a fire emergency please call  "000"

The Shire of Victoria Plains has a Firebreak and Fuel Reduction Notice to ensure safe and controlled harvesting operations throughout the Shire.

It is crucial residents are aware of these notices as fines may be incurred otherwise.

The Shire of Victoria Plains, Fire Control Officers are responsible for the issuing of Fire Permits and their contact details can be obtained from the Shire office on (08) 9628 7004 during office hours.

Other Contact Information

Chief Bushfire Control Officer: 

Gary Manning

0427 546 095

Community Emergency Services Manager:

Nicholas Parry

9628 7004

Shire of Victoria Plains: 9628 7004

Chief Executive Officer:





Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Gary Manning

0427 546 095


Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Gavin Halligan

0427 545 041


Fire Control Officer 1 – Shire of Vic Plains

Nicholas Parry

08 9628 7004


Fire Control Officer 2 – Shire of Vic Plains

Jason Cacic

08 9628 7004


Fire Control Officer 3 – Shire of Vic Plains

David Wilson

0412 716 577


Fire Control Officer 4 – Bolgart

Colin Guthrie

0427 912 922


Fire Control Officer 5 – Bolgart

Todd Meston

0427 006 054


Fire Control Officer 6 – Calingiri

Garry Stewart

0427 287 110


Fire Control Officer 7 – Calingiri

Steven Waters

0427 287 182


Fire Control Officer 8 – Mogumber

Simon Forrester

0428 519 034


Fire Control Officer 9 – Mogumber

Marty Vanbeek

0477 796 122


Fire Control Officer 10 – New Norcia

Mark Graham

0428 545 069


Fire Control Officer 11 – New Norcia

Grant Sinclair

0427 548 061

Fire Control Officer 12 – Yerecoin

Richard Pearson

0418 923 987


Fire Control Officer 13 – Yerecoin

Hugh Johnson

0427 771 642






Firebreak and Fuel Hazard Reduction Notice

The Notice was published in the Government Gazette on 16 August 2019. 

Full Notice

Note that there have been some changes to the Notice.

Local Emergency Management

The Local Emergency Management Arrangements have been prepared in accordance with the Emergency Management Act 2005 and endorsed by the Wongan Ballidu and Victoria Plains Local Emergency Management Committee and approved by the Shire of Victoria Plains.

To be updated

Power Outages - advice from Telstra

Click here to view general Power Outages advice

.Click here to view Preparing for Extended Power Outages advice.

SMS Registration (Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans)

If you wish to register your mobile phone number/s with the Shire for this service, you can use the online submission form below.

Please register my details on the Harvest and Movement Ban SMS Database *
I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions *

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You can also print a copy of the form  and return it to the Shire of Victoria Plains by faxing your details to 9628 7008 with your name and mobile phone number.  By submitting your details, you are agreeing to participate in this scheme.  

Remove My Details

If you wish to remove your contact details from the Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban SMS database, please click here.

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans Info Sheet

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans are issued by local governments. DFES provides this information for your general assistance - click here.

Total Fire Bans

A Total Fire Ban (TFB) is declared because of extreme weather conditions or when widespread fires are seriously stretching firefighting resources. A TFB is declared by DFES following consultation with local governments.

When a TFB is declared it prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air and any other activities that may start a fire.

The ban includes all open air fires for the purpose of cooking or camping. It also includes incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting.

Total Fire Ban Fact Sheet - click here.

Gazetted Burning Periods

The Shire of Victoria Plains has four (4) blocks of gazetted burning periods.  All dates advertised are at the discretion of the Chief Fire Control Officer and the Chief Executive Officer and may be subject to change due to weather conditions.

To view the Shire of Victoria Plains gazetted burning periods please click here.