Local Laws

Local laws are made under the powers of a range of legislation by authority delegated to Council.

Local laws provide for things that must be done, are prohibited from being done, and for penalties for non-compliance.

Current local laws are

Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2017

Cemeteries Local Law 2018

Dogs Local Law 2018

Extractive Industries Local Law 2018

Fencing Local Law 2018

Health Local Laws 2003

Health Amendment Local Laws 2005

Meeting Procedures Local Law 2018

Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2018



From time to time the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation may identify matters that require correction, and request an undertaking from Council to not act on the matters noted.

Undertakings given by Council are -

Extractive Industries Undertaking

Public Places and Local Government Property Undertaking