Recreation Facilities and Town Activities

Facility Information

Calingiri Recreational Hall
Yulgering Road, Calingiri

The Calingiri Recreation Hall was opened on 29 March 1980 and is the main hall within the Shire of Victoria Plains with social events such as cabaret, school concerts, Weddings being held in it.

The Hall is run and maintained by the Shire.

It has a large open area for large functions, a kitchen, bar area, toilets, a small meeting room and a gymnasium.

You can hire sections of the hall or the whole lot. For any further queries relating to the Calingiri Recreation Hall or to book contact the Shire Office.

For information or bookings contact the Shire

Phone: (08) 9628 7004
Calingiri Sports Pavilion Renovated and refurbished in 2012.

Comprises a large industrial kitchen, bar and open area.

For bookings contact Elise Woods, Phone: 0427 314 658 
Other Facilities Within the Shire

Bolgart Hall
George Street, Bolgart

The Bolgart Hall was built in 1932 with additions being made in 1948 and 1953.

The Bolgart Hall was opened on 17 January 1933, after the former Agricultural Hall in the original townsite had burnt down exactly two years previously.

The Hall was situated adjacent to the football and cricket ground, and convenient for use by the clubs.

In 1936, the tennis club transferred from the old townsite and located near the hall with a bough shed constructed. Afternoon teas for all the clubs were served in the hall.

In 1952, fundraising facilitated the purchase of the old Culham Hall. It was dismantled, the bricks cleaned and transported, by the members of the local community, for use in construction of the front additions to the Bolgart Hall.

A grand opening was held to celebrate the new extensions, a memorial plaque was unveiled on 26 April 1953. The back rooms that had been used for the football change rooms were vacated, and the CWA women furnished the rooms for their Branch meeting rooms.

The Hall now has a stage area, side meeting room, kitchen and outside toilets. The Hall is run by the Bolgart Progress Association and maintained by the Shire of Victoria Plains.  For information or bookings contact - Barbara Mottershaw 0488 733 351 or the Shire on 9628 7004.
Yerecoin Hall
Miling Road, Yerecoin
The Yerecoin Hall was constructed in the early 1950's. Prior to the Hall being constructed all social activities took place at the school.

Some of the activities that have occurred in the Hall are Balls, sports windups, birthday parties, art, aerobics, badminton and films have also been shown.

The interior of the Hall has a similar set up of the Bolgart Hall with a stage area, side meeting room, kitchen and toilets. It is run and maintained by the Yerecoin Progress Association.

For information and bookings contact- Sue Waters 0428 546 062
Piawaning Hall
Toodyay Bindi Bindi Road, Piawaning
The Piawaning Hall was constructed in the late 1950's with additions being made in the early and late 1970's. The Hall is used for many events throughout the year with meetings, sporting events, dances. It is also used by the schools within the Shire of Victoria Plains and the Shire of Moora as a central point for joint socials.

The Hall is run and maintained by the Piawaning Progress Association.

For information or bookings contact - Shire of Victoria Plains 08 9628 7004
Mogumber Hall
Bindoon Moora Road, Mogumber
The Mogumber Hall was constructed in 1959 and is the social centre of the Mogumber Community.

The Hall is run by the Mogumber Progress Association and maintained by the Shire of Victoria Plains.

For information or bookings contact - Tania Menzies (Treasurer & Bookings) 0408 515 037.
Gillingarra Recreation Hall
Bindoon Moora Road, Gillingarra
The Gillingarra Recreation Hall was constructed in 1936 with a gala sports day being held to commemorate the occasion, followed by a dance in the evening. School picnics, concerts, dances and annual sports days were ongoing events at the hall.

In 1962 the hall was extended to accommodate a badminton court. In 1965/66 the hall was lined to dado height. In 1983 it was decided that a Recreation Centre was required comprising a sports hall, social hall, meeting rooms and a kitchen. The original hall was moved 100 metres and the shell was retained, but it was clad the same as the adjoining new structure.

On 8 November 1986 the new hall was opened and a ball celebrated the event.

The Hall is run and maintained by the Gillingarra Sport and Recreation Club.

For information or bookings contact - Gillingarra Sport and Recreation Club,  email

Caravan Park fees and contacts - Calingiri and Bolgart

The Fees and Charges adopted by Council for both caravan parks are as follows -

Prices including GST

Sites Daily Weekly
Powered (2 people) $ 33.50 $ 154.00
 - each additional person $ 10.50 $  33.50
Unpowered (2 people) $ 18.00 $  60.50
 - each additional person $   7.50 $  25.00

Arrivals and Bookings -

Business and After Hours - Shire Office 08 9628 7004

Local Towns


Claims the first settled farm in the district and features the historic Bolgart Hotel built in 1916 which provides great meals and accommodation, and the Bolgart Bell Tower. The recently updated Bolgart Caravan Park has green lawns and shady trees to enjoy. There is a new park with BBQ facilities, a tourist information bay south of the town and a lovely mural at the primary school.

Boshack Outback - Bolgart South

This secluded property is 1 1/2 hrs from Perth. This family run enterprise has an "Outback Oasis" environment covering 350 acres of pristine bushland with a large fresh water lake fed by natural springs and a pioneers waterhole still in place. Here you can experience the special flora and fauna of the Western Australian wilderness in its natural state.

Bolgart Contact Details
Phone 0408 005 628


Calingiri is the administrative centre of the Shire. It is home to the Shire Office, public library, sportsground, and cemetery. A tourist information bay is located on the main street, or further information and local brochures are available from the Shire Office during opening hours.

During wildflower season join Sarah from Carrah Wildflower Walks on a guided tour through good quality wandoo and marri woodlands, followed by either high tea at their strawbale home or billy tea around the campfire. For more details or bookings contact 0459 212 780.


Originally the Monastery bred horses in this area for sale to India. Later owned by the Midland Railway Company. Yerecoin is a thriving little town with their popular 'Yerecoin Traders' and a great community spirit.

Yerecoin Wayside Rest Area 

A payment of $15 per night for the use of the site would be appreciated as funds go towards the costs of cleaning, electricity and water charges. Payment by cash can be left in an envelope at the local shop (Yerecoin Traders) or out of hours in the post box marked "Local Letters" at the shop (Yerecoin Traders).  Any cheques should be made out to the Yerecoin Progress Association.

If you have any queries regarding the Wayside Rest Area please phone 0400999593.

Yerecoin Facilities for Travellers and Tourists

Public toilets are located at the Wayside Rest Area.

Yerecoin Traders provide groceries, hardware and postal services. They have a small café area and are renown for their big breakfasts and awesome hamburgers.  Open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm and Saturday 8.30am to 12 noon.


Wildflowers abound in this quaint little town. The huge grain storage facilities have a capacity for about 110,000 tonnes. And home to the Annual Piawaning Expo.


Mogumber is a popular stop for travellers. Camping is available at the Mogumber Oval & Reserve, where toilets and BBQ facilities are maintained by volunteers from the Mogumber Progress Association. Take a walk during wild flower season or view the historic Mogumber bridge. Caravan Clubs can book extra facilities by contacting the Mogumber Progress Association on 0408 515 037

The Mogumber Hub is located a short walk away, offering food and beverage. The historic licensed venue is owned and operated by the Mogumber Outback Club Inc, a local not-for-profit community group.
Trading 7 days a week.
Mon-Wed 4pm-10pm
Thurs and Fri 4pm-Close

Sat & Sun 12noon to Close

More info via or phone 9651 9044


Mogumber is also famous for the Gilmac Mogumber New Years Eve Rodeo, the district’s largest single day tourist event. Over 3000 people flock to Mogumber on the 31st Dec to watch the cowboys and cowgirls complete in traditional rodeo events. Head to the website for more information


Is located in the west of the Shire and features a beautiful seasonal display of wildflowers.

New Norcia

The Benedictine Community of New Norcia is a world renowned tourist destination being the only monastic township in Australia.

Founded by Spanish Benedictine monk Dom Rosendo Salvado in 1847, the town has 69 Spanish influenced buildings, 27 of which are listed by the Nation Trust because of their significant heritage value.

Tours of the town operate twice daily from the museum. For more information see their website


Wyening mission and winery is located in the south east of the Shire. Now privately owned, the buildings are gradually being restored. Morning Teas and Cooking Schools are regular activities and the annual Wine and Cheese night is held in September each year and is a lovely evening of wine, cheese and music. The Wyening Mission is open to the public by appointment only.

For further information contact Leonie or Ruth Young or visit their Website