For all general Shire enquiries, please call the Shire administration office - 08 9628 7004 or email -

The office is open between 9am - 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Department of Transport 9.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday. 

Bendigo Bank 9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday.

For all confidential Shire enquiries, please contact Chief Executive Officer - Glenda Teede.

Shire Staff

Chief Executive Officer Glenda Teede 0429117758
Finance Manager Glenn Deocampo 

Administration Assistant  Ericha McClurg  0896287004
Rates Officer Jacqui Cook 0896287004
Customer Service Officer - Admin Saoirse Kelly 0896287004
Customer Service Officer - Library Nora Mc Gee 0896287004
Building Surveyor Mon-Wed 8.30am-12.30pm Peter Edward 0896287004
Manager Works & Services


Works Supervisor  Douglas Fraser 


Team Leader Michael Hyatt
Plant Operator Peter Flood    
Plant Operator Don Bald
Plant Operator Sumith Hettiarachchilage    
Plant Operator Daran Halliday
Plant Operator Brad Glyde    
Gardener Matt Haeusler
Trainee Michael Crook    
Tip Attendant Steptoe & Wife
Community Emergency Services Manager Nic Parry  0896287004
Community Safety Officer Aaron Higgins  0896287004
Bolgart Library Rosina Ainsworth

Monday - Wednesday 10am - 12pm

Friday 3pm - 5pm

Mogumber Library Joan Harvey

Monday 8.30am - 10.30am

Friday 9am - 11am